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I’m in the mood to write!

There are many requests in my ask box, which I’m grateful for but unfortunately it’s going to take some time for me to get around to them!

But, luckily my Summer starts tomorrow and I will have all the free time to focus on improving my writing skills & techniques. I intend to produce better pieces of writing for you, as I believe the quality in recent pieces has been poor. I want to focus on improving my skills this summer, as a writer, and my skills in other subjects and areas. 

So, please be patient, and I will try my best!


I hope you are all enjoying the World Cup! 

Who are you supporting?

My teams are Italia, Netherlands & Portugal!

You are gonna write additional chapters to that Aaron Ramsey fanfiction, right?

I intend to, if that’s what you guys want :)

Please do a fanfic. I can tell you'll do an amazing job.

Okay, I will :) Thanks


Can write a Reus one shot? Like meeting at a restaurant and he tries to charm you

Sure, you want your name in it? or a specific plot?

Sergio Ramos - One Shot 

She sleeps alone.
My heart wants to come home.
I wish I was, I wish I was beside you.

"I miss you…" Melissa whispered into the phone.

"I miss you too, baby." Sergio replied, he could hear the sadness in her voice and it broke her heart.

"Please come back and hold me. I can’t sleep."

"I want to, you know I want to…" He sighed.

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Fy Nghariad I 

An Aaron Ramsey (& perhaps another Welshman) story… 


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maribaybe said: Thats def a prologue

but I could make it a longer one shot? would your prefer a fanfic?

My Darling… 

I’m struggling to think of the words to say, but I guess I’ll just say what I feel and how I felt each time I was with you… I’ll tell you everything, be patient because I know how quickly you lose your patience. Remember, I love you…

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London Calling - Chapter 6 

"Charlotte, we’re going out." Mr Andrews declared, as Charlotte walked through the doors. She quickly turned around and followed Mr Andrews out, but not before noticing the stern looks she was receiving from the receptionists. 

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Fy Nghariad I - Prologue  

"The confetti fell hesitantly around her as she twirled on the wooden floor. Her laced white dress represented all that she was; pure. Everybody adored her, there was not a soul at that party that didn’t fall in love with this sweet girl. She was… happiness, and they were all there to celebrate this special day with her.

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I’m totally sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been super busy with school work. This is the time where all the deadlines appear, and all my exams, so I’m truly sorry but for once in my life I’ve actually been studying and working (yes, it’s true!!!!), and I’m trying my best to do the best I can. But my next exam is not for three weeks (roughly), so I have some time especially on rainy days. Plus writing is something productive to do and it also improves my skills.

So, let me know what you’d like me to update please and I’ll take a deeper look into the specified story or whatever. One shots etc.

PS: don’t forget to smile, because you’re all beautiful and special and I’m always here if you need me.

Big hug 


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